Pat O'Neill - Writer/Poet
Anne Lawrence - Tile Artist

Polly Barbacovi - Watercolorist
Peg Sandin - Watercolorist
Gemma Lamb - Origami, Watercolor & Basketry 

Mike Leonard - Pastels

Ar Schneller - Copper Jewelry, Mixed Media Art

Kate Greenough - Printmaking, Acrylics

Sandy Harden - Sandy Harden Photography
Eva Smith-Ferguson - Craft Artist
Matthew Grammit - Filmmaker/Writer
Leah Grammit - Printmaker

Sandy Sharp - Sharp Graphic Design

Are you an artist? Art studio lease space is available. Get inspired in an art studio of your own at Downtown Art Place Studios.

Feel the inviting Art Vibe...

A few doors down from the DAP are the Downtown Art Place Studios located at

107 E. Aurora St. in Ironwood, MI.

You'll find artists, writers, and musicians at work upstairs in their studios. See original artworks in oils and watercolors, handcrafted jewelry, basketry, poetry, ceramic tile art, origami, photography, mixed media and more.

If you love seeing vintage woodwork and tile, visit this historic three story building built in 1924,

it feels like a step back in time!

Inspire • Visualize • Create