September 29 - October 15, 2017

Featuring Carol Bohm's paintings, notecards

Carol unexpectedly passed away recently and leaves a legacy of beautiful art. 
We are honored to have some of her work at the Downtown Art Place.

May 25 - September 4, 2017

Featuring 60 original watercolor paintings. 

Each one is unique and all will be a treat to your eyes.

Carol Bohn Remembered Art Exhibition

John McFaul, A Sense of Place

November 2 - 10, 2016

​Historic Ironwood Theatre Concourse

​​An opportunity for area students to showcase their artwork and for the public to recognize the local school talent in the visual arts. ​

Art of the Leaf Show

First Annual Youth Art Display

Water for Flint, Michigan Show

Lake Superior, Rocks, My Soul  Art Exhibition

​September 15 - October 29, 2016

FRIENDS OF THE PORKIES permanent art collection offered through the Artist-in-Residence Program. 
Historic Ironwood Theatre Concourse

July 14 - ​September 5 , 2016

​Historic Ironwood Theatre Concourse

Past Exhibitions & Events

September 2015

Downtown Art Place Gallery

12 x 12 Fundraiser 2016

Inspire • Visualize • Create

November 18, 2016 - ​January 7, 2017

​Historic Ironwood Theatre Concourse

International Wildlife Artist/Photographer​​

Art of the Porkies

Downtown Art Place Gallery