In 2010, the City of Ironwood purchased the City Centre, a historic building with 11,500 square feet of space, through fundraising efforts by private individuals, and with a grant obtained by the City of Ironwood.  The City Centre includes the concourse and main entrance of the Historic Ironwood Theatre as well as the Theatre’s Office.  The City Commission passed a resolution on October 8th 2012 giving the Downtown Art Place (DAP) the authority to manage the City Centre building and create a community art center within it.  DAP has a 5 year renewable lease with the city and DAP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


The Historic Ironwood Theatre, adjacent to the DAP, is an important regional center for cultural and performing arts.  City ownership insured entry concourse and main street facade for the theatre would remain in perpetuity to City ownership, and together with Downtown Art Place creates a regional art hub in downtown Ironwood.

Donations of over $22,000, greater than the price of the City Centre, were raised for building improvements.  The money was used to install two handicap accessible restrooms shared by patrons of the Ironwood Theatre as well as Downtown Art Place Gallery & Classroom.  The Ironwood City Commission approved for the restrooms to be constructed by February 15, 2013.

In Dec 2013, a Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs grant funded the replacement of our used 50 year old boiler with 5 new energy efficient gas furnaces and the gallery will be air-conditioned for the summer months.  A climate controlled gallery was one of the requirements for the DAP to house the Spring 2015 Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit The Way We Worked.

In 2014/15, a Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs grant helped fund the modernization of the City Centre’s electrical system, providing for a safer building, improved and enhanced lighting for the gallery’s art exhibits, and expanded arts programming capacity by utilizing areas of the building that did not have readily available electrical service access nor quality lighting for art events and activities.

There are a number of subcommittees to the DAP.  The Building Committee focuses on issues concerning the building improvements and its overall business management.  The Arts Committee focuses on logistics and management of volunteers, planning, provides artists for art programming and creates fundraising events.  There is also a Grant Writing Committee, Website Committee, a Marketing/Publicity Committee and an Educations Committee. An Art Selection Committee oversees the gallery displays and accepts artists work in the gallery.

Ironwood Downtown Art Place, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and run 100% by volunteers and financially supported by fundraisers, grants, and donations.  Please stop in or contact us to learn about our donor and volunteer programs and how you can help.


2019 board members:

President: Howard Sandin
Vice President: Lee-Ann Garske
Secretary: Gemma Lamb
Treasurer: Annette Burchell

Board Members:
Tom Brown

Robert Burchell

Helen Fashbaugh
Nancy Korpela
Mike Leonard

Sue Spaete

Downtown Art Place is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is operated by volunteers.

The mission of the DAP is to promote and sustain the creation and appreciation of the visual arts in the greater Ironwood area,

(encompassing Gogebic and Ontonagon Counties in Michigan and Iron and Vilas Counties in Wisconsin). The DAP is also dedicated to

promoting local and regional artists in its galleries, gift shop, and arts education and

is committed to partnering with its neighbor, the Historic Ironwood Theatre.

Mission Statement

Inspire • Visualize • Create